Getting Your Site Listed in the Yellow Pages (for Free)

The Yellow Pages? Those annoying large books left on my door step, wasting paper because no one has used them since the invention of the Internet? Noooo….not THOSE yellow pages, rather or, as it’s known these days, the ONLINE version of the bulky books, which people actually DO still use.

Yellow Pages Submission

As a local business, I’m sure you’re trying to find the best ways to market your local business online and if you’re not, you should be, if only to Increase Your Local Search Results. One way to spread the word, help increase your SEO, and join the 21st century is to list your business, not just with search engines, but with local directories, too.

As a small or local business, it might seem like a simple thing to do: to submit your URL to the Yellow Pages website. But go to and there is no link and no section that says “add your business” or “submit URL”. Why not? Isn’t it free, you ask. Yes, it is free to list your site — of course they ( want you to pay for advertising, but you don’t have to pay for advertising to get your site listed — it’s free. And if you click on the link on that says Advertise With Us, you’ll be taken to the correct page to submit your URL on and list your site, which is here.

This site takes you away from and its branding and moves you over to ATT Advertising Solutions. Which is confusing. But it’s still free and it’s still the YellowPages or

These are the series of logos you may pass in your quest to list your website for free on

Yellow Pages Listing

Yellow Pages Logo

ATT Advertising Solutions Listing

Once you’ve reached the ATT Advertising Solutions page, you must click the link that says “Get Started”. From here, you’ll enter your business phone number to see if you’re website/business is already listed. If not, you’ll be taken through a series of questions to get your site listed. This should take you somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on how fast you type and what information you’d like included.

Now here’s the tricky part: after you’ve finished providing your business details,, or, or ATT Advertising Solutions, or whatever they want to call themselves, requires you to verify by phone, which means they will call you with a code, and then you will need to enter the code into your website profile before proceeding. The phone number they call HAS TO BE the phone number you provided for your business. And YOU HAVE TO ANSWER the phone, because this is when will tell you the code, which you will then use to type into your profile.

There is, unfortunately, no option to verify by mail, and it’s best to not even bother filling out your company information unless you are ready to verify by phone, because you can’t save your work and come back later.

So that’s it, and that’s enough. Your listing should look something like this when you’re finished.

The Yellow Pages isn’t the only place you should list your website online. There are plenty more sites, like Yelp, and HotFrog. Here is a list of more sites for local businesses to submit to.

By the way, if you’re fancy and tech savvy enough, opt out of receiving the Yellow Pages that come to your door step by going to:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hey, someone actually reads my posts, because @nezencreation tweeted me after reading this to say that he followed my instructions but the Google Chrome browser ‘went into an endless loop at the “call me” step’. Which is unfortunate, since this is the last step and that’s a real pain in butt. So…..use Firefox or Explorer browsers when setting up your account until gets their bug fixed.

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