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Content Writing (for Humans)

The written word can be a very potent communication tool. That is why it is imperative your website content conveys your message, or the description of your products and services, succinctly and enticingly.

The written content on your website should be informational and informative, as well as establish your company as a leader or expert in your industry or field.

If your content is poorly written, it can leave your website visitors convinced that your company is not knowledgeable.

Content Writing (for Search Engines)

In addition to human visitors reading your website, search engine crawlers also “read” your website.

The main goal of a search engine crawler is to learn the purpose of your website, so it may know when to pull up your website for a keyword search. If a search engine crawler knows what products or services or information you provide, they are more likely to rank your website in search results when someone searches, or “Googles”, a keywords pertaining to your products or services.

Clicks Internet Marketing understands both types of “readers” and can provide quality content for your website to attract clients and customers, and help your website rank higher in search engines.

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    "Thank you again for the fantastic SEO work you've done with my site. I'm already seeing positive results and higher rankings in both Google and Yahoo! searches"

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