Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media?

The term “Social Media” encompasses a cache of tools that are meant to help you interact online. You’ve heard of “Web 2.0” or the “read and write web” — Social Media takes this to the next level by integrating technology (videos, podcasts, blogs, etc) with personality (you and your company).

What will Social Media do for me?

Having a broad presence on the Internet is another way to increase traffic to your website, and social media tools allow you to reach out to your potential customers. More than that, it is a way to build relationships with your customers directly — encourage them to repeat business and refer your products/services to their friends, family, and colleagues.

Clicks Internet Marketing will set up your social media campaign strategy and manage the process of fine-tuning the outreach and gathering relevant connections to reach a series of goals for the campaign.

What Social Media tools will I need?

Harnessing the power of Social Media works best when there is a strategy in place for using the appropriate tools to reach specific goals.

The most widely used social media channels are listed below, and each tool will be integrated with the others to get the most out of the campaign. For instance, when a video is created, it will be posted on YouTube, (as well as your website) it will then be placed on Facebook (for all your “friends” to see) as well as LinkedIn. It may be embedded into your blog, if relevant to a blog post. It will also be “tweeted” about on Twitter to generate additional buzz.

YouTube: Create/edit quality videos detailing the benefits of using your products/services. Videos are creative, informative, and interesting and would include relevant topics. Videos can be tailored to different audiences. The video will be placed on various websites throughout the Internet, such as YouTube and MetaCafe, as well as be placed on a page on your website. Your profile on YouTube will reach out to all possible target audiences.

Facebook: Through a Facebook social media campaign, your Facebook profile will have access to all of these people and companies, continuously reaching out to them to build relationships and offer them coupons, deals, prizes, and contests. Every time you post a video or blog about a certain topic, they will receive notification. In return, your Facebook profile will reciprocate communications from “friends”, further deepening the relationship. Your Facebook will also incorporate twitter updates.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is another social media outlet that is used by professionals to seek jobs, find products/services and promote their products/services. Clicks Internet Marketing will set up a strategy on LinkedIn that will incorporate your blog posts, deals, specials, videos, and other information about your products/services and industry into your LinkedIn campaign, reaching out to all relevant professionals, companies and individuals.

Blogging: On-site blogging keeps readers and your target audience interested and coming back to your website. It also creates additional content that search engines need to determine the value of your website. Blogs allow for readers to comment, which helps to further build relationships with both current and potential clients.

Twitter: Twitter is newer social media platform that is rapidly gaining mainstream popularity. Your Twitter profile can be “followed” by people — or entities — who have similar interests. You can “tweet” about “What’s Happening,” including what is currently going on around you, an interesting article to share, general hobbies and interests, and asking questions to get instant feedback (in fewer than 140 characters.) Twitter search tools make it easy to find relevant people and situations/needs in real time. It is excellent for conversations and relationship building.

Clicks Internet Marketing takes a strategic approach to reaching out to relevant potential customers and clients.

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