What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via natural (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

Get People To Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will increase web traffic and your sales revenue without dramatically increasing costs. It is something you can afford to do, and something your business will need to do in order to compete in the Internet-age.

When someone types in a keyword in an online search for your product or service, you want your website to come up first in the results. It’s like free advertising, if you know how to make it happen.

Clicks Internet Marketing knows how to make your pages rank higher in online searches.  Using proven and effective SEO methods, we can improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website.

Generating traffic (and more traffic) to your website is possible if your site is relevant and reachable.

Be Relevant

If the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc) believe your website has a product or service that match a keyword a web searcher “Googles”, then the search engines will list your site (for free) in its organic search results.

Organic searches are “free” listings, but higher rankings can be difficult to achieve, depending on the competitiveness of the product/service, or keyword being “Googled”.

Alternatively, pay-per-click advertising will give you control while providing a quick way of getting traffic to your site.

Be Reachable

Your website must meet the search engines criteria for a specific keyword in order to increase your chances of coming up high in the search results.

How do search engines gather information about websites in order to determine whether a certain site should appear given a specific keyword?

Good question. There are only a few search engines used to search products and services. (mainly Google, Yahoo!, and Bing). Search engines each use their own special algorithm, or a bunch of factors with different weighted values, to determine the purpose of a website. Search engines send out “spiders” that can read your website, as well as see which other websites link to yours.

Search engines look at things like title tags, meta tags and alt tags in the HTML code of your website. They read your content. They can also see if other websites link to yours and determine whether these are trustworthy sites. All combined, this information gives the search engines a picture of your website to judge its value and relevancy.

Call Us For Help

SEO is a process. It is ever-changing. Search engines change their methods frequently in order to provide their customers (searchers) with the best search results possible.

SEO is not a new concept; it’s been around since the advent of the Internet. Smaller local businesses must tap into these techniques to compete and grow their business.

Don’t wait until your competition figures out how SEO can get clicks to their website — contact us now and we’ll give you a free cost estimate of SEO services.

You can also learn how you can integrate SEO into your website yourself through our SEO tutorials, SEO blog, and SEO tips pages.

Call Clicks Internet Marketing today at 412-580-5075 because the best customer is already looking for your product or service – let’s make sure they find it.

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